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Antonio WrightAntonio Wright, affectionately known as Coach Wright, is the founder/CEO of Metro Area Community Empowerment, Inc. As a youth, Antonio grew up in Metro Manor Apartments which were in the heart of West Jackson.  During this era of his childhood, he dealt with many facets of life such as divorce, single parent home, low-income living, gang activity, low academic achievement, as well as behavior/emotional problems.  He made a decision to conquer these issues so that one day his children wouldn’t have to experience this lifestyle.  It was through committed teachers, mentors, and coaches that made him realized how the impossible becomes possible.  In life he found it hard to maintain a positive mindset when people are doubting you.  He used to be a person who became easily overwhelmed by positive or negative emotions instead of keeping a balance in situations.  It was through youth empowerment programs that helped him meet challenges much more relaxed, with inner confidence.   Antonio Wright attended Hardy Middle school and Provine High School where he was an outstanding football player.  He further his education and passion of football at Hinds Community College (HCC) and played football there.  In 1994, he was a member of the HCC team that played for the national championship – and won!  He went to Mississippi College for a short time and then went on to Jackson State University (JSU) from 1995 – 1997.  
 On February 2, 1997, Coach Wright’s life was changed forever.  He was in a terrible motor vehicle accident.  He was thrown from the car and miraculously he lived.  However, as a result of his injuries, he is paralyzed from the waist down.  On top of this tragedy, one month after the accident, his younger sibling Ahmad Wright, was murdered by a shot to the chest and then set on fire.  His body was burned beyond recognition. Most people would have come away from these traumatic events with a lot of anger and resentment, but not Coach Wright.  His mission in life became to help youths like his brother and show people with disabilities that you too can play a major role in society. Antonio coached football at Jackson State for four years and  Provine High School for three years.  He also was a defensive coordinator for Murrah High School, Gentry High School in Indianola and McComb High School.  He is a spokesman for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is very involved in the Mississippi Association of Coaches.   In 1996 Governor Haley Barbor appointed him to State Rehabilitation Council.  He is also  an ordained minister, a certified personal trainer, a strength conditioning coach, teacher and gives motivational speeches all over the country.  Coach Wright is the 2008 Hope Award recipient of the Mississippi Brain Injury Association, Inc. 

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